Black Mirrors

Black Mirrors is Paul's first collection of short horror stories. It contains fourteen tales, three of which are previously unpublished.


  • Introduction: Chilling Reflections by John B. Ford
  1. Black Mirror, Mirror Black
  2. Relinquished
  3. Bleeder
  4. End Of The Line
  5. Seven Years
  6. Speak No Evil
  7. Offerings
  8. The Foundling
  9. Mute
  10. The Sea And The Statues
  11. Irrecoverable
  12. At The Centre Of Everything
  13. Nightmare
  14. Bequeathed


Watch the trailer by Mark West here.


Ginger Nuts of Horror

Snake Bite Horror


"Inventive, entertaining fiction, brimming with imagination."
- Simon Clark (author, 'The Night of the Triffids')

"Paul Edwards is an exciting new talent on the horror scene. With this collection he's already proving he has every attribute needed to develop into a highly successful writer."
- John B. Ford (author, 'The Evil Entwines') 

Published May 2012 by Rainfall Books.

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KINDLE VERSION now available thanks to Screaming Dreams. It includes a brand new cover by Steve Upham.